FREETOWN, Sierra Leone

Government plans search for hidden Ebola cases

Sierra Leone is planning a house-to-house search for hidden Ebola cases in the capital and surrounding areas in an effort to stem the disease’s rampant spread, the government said Tuesday.

The government has periodically restricted movements into and out of hot spots in order to slow Ebola infections. In September, it locked down the entire country to look for sick people.

With the disease now spreading fastest in Sierra Leone, authorities are ramping up their response.

In a statement Tuesday, President Ernest Bai Koroma said officials will begin a house-to-house search Wednesday for sick people in the Western Area, which includes Freetown.


Family says former mayor’s cancerous tumor has shrunk

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s cancerous tumor has shrunk in half with chemotherapy treatment, his brother said Tuesday.

Doug Ford said the tumor – which doctors had initially said was 4.7 inches by 4.7 inches in size – is now down to 2.4 inches by 2.4 inches.

Doug Ford says his brother will be finishing a fifth round of chemotherapy soon and will also get radiation treatment.

Ford was diagnosed with a rare form of abdominal cancer called liposarcoma in September and dropped his bid for mayoral re-election shortly afterward. Instead, he ran for a seat on the city council and won.

In late November, Rob Ford said his tumor had not shrunk, but had not gotten larger either.

– From news service reports