A Kennebec County sheriff’s deputy is recovering from powder burns suffered Wednesday night in Windsor when he pushed away a gun just as the woman who had tried to point it at him fired, according to the sheriff department.

Sgt. Galen Estes received minor burns to his hand during the incident, which Chief Deputy Ryan Reardon said could have been much worse.

“It is a blessing that more people were not injured,” Reardon said.

Allison Trask, 31, of Windsor, who allegedly pointed the gun at Estes before shooting, has been charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and reckless conduct with a firearm. She is being held at the Kennebec County jail in lieu of $4,000 bail.

Residents inside a home at 187 Legion Park Road called police around 7 p.m. after hearing a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot coming from inside their home. “They feared it was their daughter,” Reardon said. “The daughter was described as being possibly suicidal and they wanted someone to check her wellbeing.”

Estes tried to talk to the woman, later identified as Trask, through a door. She swore at Estes and told him to leave.

“It was clear that she was not cooperative,” Reardon said.

Trask’s father, who was at the house, reiterated that the noise sounded like a gunshot but said he was unaware that his daughter had a firearm.

Estes unlocked the door and started to push it open as Trask pushed from the inside in an effort to keep it closed, Reardon said. Trask tried to point the gun at Estes as he pushed his way through the door.

“As Estes pinned the gun down Trask fired a shot, burning Sgt. Estes’ hand,” Reardon said.

Estes disarmed Trask and took her into custody after she resisted.

“We are shocked at the actions taken by Trask,” Reardon said.

This story will be updated.