Re: “Union sues Verso Paper in effort to block sale of Bucksport mill” (Dec. 15):

Although I had to go elsewhere in service to my country, to gain the education I needed to teach at the highest levels, to find a teaching position at the highest level and to support my family, l have been a close observer of the greatest problems faced by my fellow Mainers for the last 80 years.

I am here to point out to you that our greatest problem has always been our constantly letting ourselves get sucker-punched by a form of politico-economics that has always served the interests of the few at the expense of the many.

This, of course, has not made us all that exceptional, but it has kept the greatest number of us near the bottom of the national socioeconomic pyramid in earnings potential.

Fishing, forestry, farming and tourism, as well as the millwork made possible by our waterways, coasts and forests, did much not only to sustain us but also to bring people here to find work for generations. Take a look at where this economic sustenance is today.

What is taking place in Bucksport right now should be an eye-opener for all Mainers. It is a clear picture of the way Mainers are being treated by out-of-state financial interests.

The mill that once sustained that town and region has been shut down, and is about to be sold and demolished for reasons that have brought on the union’s lawsuit. Read what this lawsuit is all about.

It should be of concern to all Mainers. It is symbolic of the intent of the highly advantaged few seeking further advantage at the expense of the many. And this constitutes the very basis of where things are at for those who must work to live.

George Eaton

South Portland