President Obama on Friday:

 Signed a massive defense policy bill that endorses his plan to fight Islamic State militants, including air strikes and training Iraqis and moderate Syrian rebels.

The law authorizes funds for basic military operations, from a 1 percent pay raise for troops to the purchase of ships, aircraft and other war-fighting equipment.

It also authorizes the training and equipping of moderate Syrian rebels battling the extremists for two years and provides $5 billion to train Iraqis battling the militants who brutally rule large sections of the two countries. The measure provides the core funding of $521.3 billion for the military and $63.7 billion for overseas operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite Obama’s objections, it maintains a ban on transferring terror suspects from the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba to the United States for prosecution or imprisonment.

 Signed an executive order banning new investments in Crimea and placing sanctions on the peninsula that Russia annexed.

The sanctions are similar to those imposed by the European Union on Thursday. The order prohibits U.S. companies or individuals from exporting or importing any goods, services or technology to or from Crimea. It also freezes any assets in the U.S. of individuals determined by the U.S. Treasury Department to be operating in Crimea.

 Signed legislation renewing dozens of costly tax breaks for millions of businesses and individuals.

The bill signed Friday extends the breaks through Dec. 31. Taxpayers will be able to claim them on their 2014 income tax returns.

Congressional analysts have estimated the breaks will add nearly $42 billion to the budget deficit over the next decade.

The provisions benefit big corporations and small business, struggling homeowners and residents of states without a state income tax. More narrow provisions include tax breaks for filmmakers, racehorse owners and rum producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The bill includes a provision letting people with disabilities open tax-free savings accounts.

 Signed a bill deepening U.S.-Israeli cooperation and says the legislation reinforces “critical defense and security programs.”

Obama said the legislation also lays the groundwork for increased trade and cooperation between the U.S. and Israel.

The U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act increases the value of emergency U.S. weaponry kept in Israel by $200 million, to a total of $1.8 billion. It promotes closer U.S.-Israeli links in energy, water, homeland security, alternative fuel technology and cybersecurity.