I’m responding to the story about the gentleman who visited his parents’ and grandparents’ final resting place and found the wreath had been taken (“Theft of 30 wreaths from Saco cemetery stirs strong feelings,” Dec. 9). Just think how that gentleman felt.

I would like for people to read a story about a young lady of 18 who had her baby two months early. He weighed 3.5 pounds and lived only two days.

She wanted to put one thing on his grave. With the last money she had, she bought four lengths of white fencing and a small container of forget-me-nots. She visited the grave a few days after, and someone had taken the fence and plant. How do you think that young lady felt?

So, it doesn’t happen only in these years. This was Jan. 20, 1943 – in the war years. She didn’t have the money to replace them.

That young lady was me. Since then, we bought a large lot in Lincolnville; Sterling is at peace, and so am I.

Joyce Simmons Knight