I applaud the letter to the editor (“Renaming of toy fund looks like selfish advertisement,” Dec. 20) in which Carl Akin lamented the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund being renamed “Portland Press Herald Toy Fund.”

While “Bruce Roberts” was a pen name, there was a real person who had been honored for 65 years for starting this fund along with the venerable Matt Barron, the city welfare director who shared the vision and compassion of Robert Beith (the real name of “Bruce Roberts”).

Everyone recognized and greatly appreciated the sponsorship of the Portland Press Herald and Evening Express.

What changed? Does honor have an expiration date? The Jimmy Fund has been supported by the Red Sox since 1953. Would people stop giving if it were renamed “The Red Sox Fund”? No, but so much would be lost, especially respect for the Red Sox.

We have the wonderful “Mary’s Run,” which raises a tremendous amount of money. If that worthy event were renamed the “Maine Cancer Foundation Walk,” it would still be worthy, but what brought out the flood of participants initially was the desire to honor Mary Libby, and the good her inspiration has done is inestimable.

We sometimes name our children and our streets after beloved and respected people. We also have Hadlock Field and Fitzpatrick Stadium. Should we rename them if a corporate sponsor comes along?

Tradition and emotion matter. The action of the Portland Press Herald has stripped them away. I would love to know who made this decision to change the name and why, but I would love more to see it quietly changed back to the “Bruce Roberts Toy Fund.”

Barbara Carmone