The Portland Press Herald Toy Fund is using donations from readers to provide toys to about 7,000 Maine children who might otherwise not receive holiday gifts because of hardships faced by their parents.

The fund – now in its 65th year – provides toys for needy families in Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc, Lincoln and Knox counties.

Donations to help buy the toys are accepted before or after the holidays and can be made on the website or by writing checks to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund and mailing them to the fund at P.O. Box 7310, Portland, ME 04112.

The campaign’s fundraising goal this year is $250,000. The total raised so far is $110,098.10.

Here is a letter from one applicant:

Dear Press Herald Toy Fund,

I am asking for help in giving my son a little Christmas help. I have just gone back to work and I am part time. My husband had a heart attack in July. He is recovering but we still have a couple of check-up appointments each month. Our household money pretty much all goes to bills and gas for the car to get to his appointments and my work.

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Mother with no money to spare


From JOCIJIANNA – Our 65th year!! $500

From Broadreach PR on behalf of our clients $200

From Kirsten, Lauren, Ella, Annie and Liam $50

Dianne Goodrich $100

Marguerite Ryan $100

In loving memory of Mildred, Roy, Phil & Tommy – we love you , The Casasa Family $300

Order of AHEPA Portland Chapter, Thank You for what you do!.. $275

In Loving Memory of Lynette Feeney from Martin Feeney $100

Jane S. Moody $100

Peter Murray $100

Daniel Richards $100

Brian Paradis $25

In Memory of Sally Lynn who loved Christmas and the Season $30

From Hunter and Jasper $25

In memory of Jeff, Love Mum $100

Anonymous $50

In memory of Susan from Sheila Moran $25

In memory of our Grammie Hamblen – Love Russ, Jodi and Andy $15

In memory of my brothers – Keith N. Hamblen and Henry W. Hamblen Jr. – Love Marcena $30

Ben Odom $100

Carroll Tiernan $50

In memory of Jeanne and Jerry Mayberry $25

In memory of Chester from Arrolyn Gilbert $20

Kathryn Davis $25

For US Service Personnel from the Vandenheuvel – Mui’s $50

Hope Creighton $100

The Anderson Family $30

Evelyn Zaciewski $50

In loving memory of John, Alice and Helen Flaherty from Alicia $50

From Richard & Paula in honor of our five grandsons $30

Charles Kayajian $50

In loving memory of my grandfather Havilah E. Hinman, Deering High School Class of ’25. Peter Gibson $100

Merry Christmas from Eleanor $30

John Kazenski $100

In memory of Ralph and Barbara Patterson $25

Anonymous $26

Brenda Houdlette $25

In gratitude for the abundance in my life from Joanna Leary $40

Anonymous $50

Happy Holidays ! $10

In memory and honor of our parents from Richard and Jennifer Hubbell $200

Peace & Joy! Madison, Nicholas & Ryan Buckley $150

Merry Christmas from the Lennigs $50

On Behalf of Unum’s NCG Implementation Team $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Uncle Don $150

For my granddaughter, Jordan Martindale from Phyllis Carsten-Boyle $50

Merry Christmas from the Ward – Zaccaria Family $50

Because I can – Michelle Prejean $50

For kids that aren’t as lucky as ours from Drew Graham $300

The kids who thrive despite trauma and adversity $70

Proceeds from the 50/50 at The Red Claws game Dec. 20th $353

Candy & book sale $451

From Ken and Cindy Krauss $100

Workers of D&G Machine Products, Inc – Merry Christmas! $800

In loving memory of George and Lee $1000

Lawrence & Karan Miller $100

Anonymous $500

For Gigi $100

In memory of Grammy & Grampy Arseneau $20

Wishing you Joy, peace & Love – Joseph Delaney & Anne Calendar $100

Kim Connell – Maine Coast Interiors – Merry Christmas! $100

Thankful for the blessing of our granddaughter, Lilly – Edie & Joe Leonhard $100

In memory of Tommie, Dad C and Dad O $25

Westbrook Office of Maine Staffing Group $100

From Denny & Marilyn Rundlett $50

From Barry & Diane Atwood $100

Nana & Nelly $25

In memory of Marie Frye LaGrange $50

In memory of Papa & Grampie, who loved Christmas time! Freeman family $25

Beverly Hastings $25

Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association $53

Staff & Students – Presumpscot School $193.72

In memory of our parents, Philip & Evelyn Pearson and Olaf & Helen Olsen – Harry & Betty Pearson $25

In memory of the late Murray Tenney, Falmouth $15

Anonymous $200

Margaret Mary McCann $50

In memory of Mom, Dad, Mimi ‘n Gumpy – Louie $25

Merry Christmas from Claudia, Ben and Sam $100

Peace, love and happiness to all $50

In memory Howie Krantman & Stan Bennett $50

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas Leslie from Rich $100

In memory of Amos, Betty and Angel $50