I read with interest the Dec. 18 article by Tux Turkel, “LePage considers two on his staff to fill PUC seats at pivotal time.”

It is indeed a “pivotal time” for making energy decisions in Maine. The Maine Public Utilities Commission decides cases involving billions of dollars in the rates Mainers pay for electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services, as well as making decisions impacting the quality of service customers receive from those utilities and the regulated telecommunications companies.

Even still, cases before the PUC typically involve large dollar outcomes in litigation and are often some of the most complex and difficult cases heard. It is critical that the commissioners represent the interests of all parties equally in their analyses of the issues.

In these difficult economic times, consumers and many of our members on fixed incomes face increased costs in all areas – utility costs are but one of those increases. Those on the PUC should make certain that the decisions they make represent what is in the best interest of the state and its citizens.

On behalf of our more than 230,000 members age 50 and older across Maine and their families, we urge Gov. LePage to consider the perspectives of all parties as he makes these very important appointments to the Maine PUC.

Rich Livingston

volunteer state president, AARP Maine