Re: “Portland exploring ways to rein in Uber ride-sharing service” (Dec. 20):

Let’s get real: I know Uber drivers, and they’re too busy giving rides to argue with random people in front of Gritty’s. This sounds like a taxi supporter trying to make Uber look bad.

Here are the facts:

Every Uber driver has gone through an independent company background check.

 Every Uber rider in the vehicle is insured by Uber’s and the driver’s insurance.

 Every Uber vehicle is no older than 10 years. Can all taxi vehicles pass that test?

 Uber cars are cleaner than taxis because the owners take pride in caring for their own vehicles.

 Uber drivers ask the rider if they have a preferred route to their location; passengers aren’t taken the long way around, like with other ride providers.

 Drivers report that the feedback from real customers, to real drivers, is four- and five-star ratings for their ride experiences. Can the old providers match that level of satisfaction?

A woman ordered a ride for her mother, sister and niece from South Portland to Portland on her account from New York City. Try that with a taxi. The Uber car arrived in eight minutes.

It seems the competition in the “horse and buggy” culture of the last century is mad that the iPhone and GPS were invented and applied to a service industry that hasn’t changed in nearly 100 years.

Welcome to 2015, folks.

Michael Doyle


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