I just had to weigh in on the Press Herald’s front page story on Mike Michaud (“Michaud reflects on loss, strategy, Cutler,” Dec 24). Michaud stated that he and Cutler had a private conversation where they agreed their priority was to prevent a second term for Gov. LePage.

Am I the only one who thinks that it is an egregious violation of political standards for our politicians to be working back-room deals as they conspire to undermine and destroy a political opponent? This is not what our Founders intended for this great Republic. Every American should be alarmed by Michaud’s admission to conspiring with Cutler to influence an election.

It matters not what side of the aisle you sit. We as Americans should never be allowing this type of dishonorable behavior from any politician or political hopeful. Had this happened in professional sports where a team member conspired with an opposing team member to “fix” a game, heads would roll. They would be banned from the sport, effectively ending their careers. So why are we not holding our politicians to the same high standards?

This duplicitous behavior by politicians is precisely why our country is in such dire straits: too many politicians (on both sides of the aisle) deceitfully working back-room deals hidden from the eyes of the citizens for whom they work. It is unacceptable and un-American!

Sorry, but Michaud attempted to cheat his way to the Blaine House and instead lost fair and square. He should stop whining about it.

Val Higgins