SACO — New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation officers came to the rescue Tuesday of two Saco men hiking on Mount Garfield unprepared for winter conditions.

Officers were called to Mount Garfield in the Town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire on Tuesday to rescue two hikers who were unprepared for winter conditions.

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Tyler Walsh and Michael Granger, both 19 and both from Saco, called 911 on a cellphone from Mount Garfield, in Bethlehem, according to a prepared statement from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. The two men said they were unsure of their location, and did not have equipment to travel in the dark or camp over night, according to the statement.

The two hikers had encountered strong winds, and mistakenly took the wrong trail. Once they realized they would not make it out by dark, they called for help, according to the statement.

Officers were able to direct the hikers to continue on to the Garfield Trail, where conservation officers could then assist the hikers down. Conservation officers traveled by snowmobile, and then by foot and located the men around 7:20 p.m., according to the statement.

“The circumstances which lead to Tuesday’s rescue occurred because two people ventured out unprepared,” the statement read. “That case is being evaluated to determine if reimbursement for the search will be requested. This is just one of several recent rescues necessary due to unprepared hikers.”

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department officials say it is important to pack for winter conditions and prepare for the worst.

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