SACO — The Saco Police Department is alerting residents of a fraudulent solicitation requesting donations for the families of the two recently killed New York City police officers.

On Friday at noon, the Saco Police Department received a complaint from a concerned elderly Saco resident reporting that she had received a telephone call asking for a donation to benefit the two fallen NYPD officers, according to Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Holland.

The resident was suspicious, and fearing that the call was a scam, she called the police to pass along her concerns so that other citizens could be warned in order to prevent it from happening to them, according to Holland.

“Anyone receiving a similar telephone call should contact the Saco Police Department to report the incident,” said Holland.

This scam comes on the heels of another donation scam that was reported in mid-December asking for donations for a Saco Fire Department fundraiser.

During this time of year, and after highly publicized events such as the recent funeral in New York, members of the public are targeted to receive solicitations by email and telephone with the callers capitalizing on the public’s desire to help families and others during difficult times, said Holland.

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