The “Magic of Christmas” may have been lost on the homeless and destitute. Certainly, no good can come from accosting individuals in the street, aggressively panhandling and demanding money from innocent bystanders, such as letter writer Patricia Garrett and her grandson (“Portland should get control of aggressive panhandling,” Dec. 30).

The fact remains that the most needy among us often display “rude ‘adult’ behavior.” Many don’t “get a job” because, in deteriorating circumstances, they simply cannot. And ” ‘capitalizing’ on prayer”? Very hard to quantify that!

Portland is a fantastic city. It is a city that openly acknowledges its best and worst – much to the chagrin of some folks.

The 30 photographers who are coming to Portland this fall, according to Ms. Garrett, will have much to see and consider. They may choose to engage the best and worst we have to offer in person or through the lens. Their visit will prove beneficial to all.

Ms. Garrett should not be embarrassed, intimidated or threatened by these struggling, often unpleasant individuals. Rather, she should embrace and enjoy a Portland that is open, genuine and, wonderfully, up to all the challenges of real diversity!

William Hobbs