In regard to “Another View: 2014 bear campaign not first example of agency’s abuse of power” (Jan. 4), by Don Loprieno, about the bear-baiting referendum:

He states that Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife employees exceeded their right to speak about the referendum.

How about the Humane Society of the United States giving over 90 percent of the money to try to push it through? If the people of Maine who wanted the bill can’t come up with more money than that, what makes Mr. Loprieno think they are in the majority?

Now unless I misunderstood, the wardens, biologists and anyone else from the state who spoke about this are professionals in their fields and know what they are talking about. Whereas the Humane Society probably doesn’t even want us killing mosquitoes, as they should be protected!

Tell it to the people who have been attacked by bears in places where controls have been reduced or done away with. If the anti-baiting, anti-snaring and anti-hounding group ever wins, I hope they move to the Allagash and live in a tent with lots of doughnuts.