I write this letter as a community member, resident of Sanford, taxpayer, and parent. My husband and I have lived in the same home in Sanford for over 20 years and have had two biological children graduate from Sanford High School, many foster children attend Sanford High School and we have one biological son graduating this June from Sanford High School.

Our children who have graduated have had much success with their careers. I know that, in part, has to do with their determination to succeed. However, I also know that has to do with the quality of their education they received at Sanford High School and the many teachers that went above and beyond their duties to encourage, teach, and support their students. Our children were certainly not in the best of circumstances of their environment around them at the school ”“ such as having to attend more than half their classes in portable classrooms, having to either carry a coat or freeze while going to the next class of the day, overcrowded lunchrooms, out-of-date equipment in the labs, and a run-down building with not enough parking.

I have been following the proposed new school construction since discussion began and even though I will have no children in the school system once this beautiful, inspiring, and motivating building will be erected, I fully support the new school. There will be referendum questions for the proposed school construction and the supplemental package on January 13, and I will fully support both questions.

I truly believe that a child learns best when they are placed in a good environment, have the space to learn, the proper equipment and the feeling of how they, our future leaders, are important enough to have a state-of-the-art school where they will thrive and grow into the best citizens and leaders. Not only will this affect the children attending the school, but will help Sanford-Springvale to thrive as the city that many residents desire. I often hear how much everyone wants for our city ”“ now is the time for us to band together and show support for this school, for this community. We want more businesses ”“ this is a way to attract them. We want to give our community children opportunity and keep them in Maine ”“ this is a way to do that.

I challenge each of you to do your research, find out about the wonderful things our community children will have the opportunity to experience in the new school, check out the Build Our Future website (www.buildourfuturesanford.com), and most of all ”“ please, go out and VOTE on Tuesday, January 13. Every vote will count and we are all in this together as community members. I will be voting “YES” on both questions on the 13.

  Kristen Wiegand, Sanford