WASHINGTON — House Republicans announced plans Friday to take broad aim at President Obama’s immigration policies and eliminate protections for immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids.

The legislation to be voted on next week satisfies demands from the most conservative lawmakers and goes further than the approach initially discussed by some House Republicans. That approach would have targeted only the executive actions Obama announced in November that provided deportation protections for millions of immigrants in the country illegally.

Conservatives in the Republican caucus pressed leadership to go further and also shut down a 2012 program that has granted work permits to more than 600,000 immigrants brought here illegally as kids. Ending the program would eventually expose those young people to deportation. Other changes would undo Obama directives to immigration agents aimed at limiting deportations of people with no significant criminal record.

“The American people were expecting the leadership to step up to the plate and not just make some symbolic gesture in trying to address what the president did back in November, but try to go a step further,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala. “That’s what our language does and that’s what at the end of the day I think will garner a lot of support among our colleagues.”

But the outcome won’t have the support of a handful of moderates in the caucus, including lawmakers representing heavily Latino districts.

The vote will come on a $39.7 billion spending bill to keep the Homeland Security Department running past February.