SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A defense lawyer says a Springfield woman arrested during a drug raid was just a baby sitter.

The Springfield Republican reports 50-year-old Myra Aguilar pleaded not guilty Friday to heroin trafficking, cocaine possession, conspiracy and firearms violations. Bail was set at $5,000.

Attorney Meredith Ryan said Aguilar doesn’t live at the home raided Wednesday and was there to baby-sit two children of two others arrested – 34-year-old Ismarie Rodriguez and 38-year-old Jorge Mercado.

They and a fourth person pleaded not guilty Thursday to similar charges.

Prosecutor Hector Savala said Aguilar was part of the operation and was wanted on a 2009 heroin distribution warrant. He said she gave police a false name and address. Ryan said Aguilar wasn’t named in the search warrant.

Aguilar was hospitalized after her arrest for chronic health problems.