It would be a shame if the irony implicit in the headline, “More Maine food on the world’s plates” (Jan. 5), and the accompanying article were allowed to fade into the archives without comment.

After all, one of the most prominent foodie fads in this proudly foodie state is the pressure to eat locally. This is said to be a win-win strategy, good for both suppliers and consumers. (The first claim seems obvious; the second more questionable.)

But, assuming the validity of the claims for the “locavore strategy,” why is it a good thing for Maine to be disrupting local food markets around the world by exporting our surplus berries, lobsters and potatoes? Why are we congratulating ourselves, rather than lamenting our failure to eat enough of our local foods?

If we were doing our jobs as world citizens, we would be leaving no exportable surplus and therefore not disrupting local food markets in Canada, Asia or anywhere else. Our collective New Year’s resolution should be to get serious about eating local!

Cliff Russell


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