Logan Valle, the teenager from Falmouth who police suspect set fire to his family’s home in November after he was kicked out for erratic behavior, has been indicted by a Cumberland County grand jury on four criminal charges, none of them arson.

According to the county’s indictment list, the 18-year-old Falmouth High School graduate has been indicted on charges of burglary, theft, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Valle was arrested on Nov. 15. Police say he broke into two other houses in Falmouth while naked. Health care workers said he was suffering from a drug overdose – possibly the synthetic stimulant known as bath salts, according to court documents obtained by the Press Herald.

Minutes before Valle was arrested, police were called to 12 Inverness Road in Falmouth for a massive fire at his parents’ home. He has not been charged in connection with that fire or with an attempt to set fire to a Chevrolet Tahoe in which he had been sleeping.

A police affidavit indicates that police have probable cause to believe that Valle set fire to his family’s home, but both fires remain under investigation by the state Fire Marshal’s Office.