While I applaud Gov. LePage’s focus on eliminating domestic violence, I think it is safe to say that whatever strategies he has been employing over the last four years are not decreasing interpersonal violence.

In 2014, domestic violence homicides rose from 50 percent of all murders in Maine to 66 percent. In addition, a record number of children were killed in those domestic violence situations.

A chronic problem we have as a society is not investing in violence-prevention strategies. We tend to feel more secure training police and increasing prosecution rates instead. Unfortunately, these interventions do not decrease violence.

We know how to decrease violence and have established programs that do just that. Maine Boys to Men is an example of a model organization that has developed a best practice program with a proven track record in decreasing violence. RSVP – Reducing Sexism and Violence Program – is one such example.

We know that raising healthy, nonviolent boys into caring, strong and compassionate men is what eliminates interpersonal violence. If we are really serious about eliminating violence, we must make a sincere and significant investment in prevention programming. It is the only proven pathway.

Layne Gregory

founder, Maine Boys to Men