There’s nothing like the beauty of a Maine winter to impress upon citizens and lawmakers alike the importance of preserving our fragile climate. This year, the US Congress has an unprecedented opportunity to support a plan that will substantially reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective way. The Clean Power Plan proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency aims to cut carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030 with flexible, stateby state goals and tools. I strongly urge Maine’s Senators Susan Collins and Angus King to support the Clean Power Plan.

By working to increase energy efficiency, use existing plants more effectively, and increase renewable energy, Maine and the United States can decrease energy costs and markedly slow the rate of climate change. With the implementation of the Clean Power Plan, Americans could see a ten percent reduction in energy costs by 2030.

Investments that lower carbon pollution not only benefit the longterm health of our environment, but also the health of Maine’s people. Reducing this pollution will reduce the prevalence of air quality related illnesses such as asthma, COPD, and lung cancer, which will, in turn, reduce the associated healthcare costs. It is estimated that for every dollar invested in reducing air pollution, we will see a seven dollar savings in health care costs.

By supporting the Clean Power Plan, Senators Collins and King would be pledging to reduce energy costs, lower health care costs, and slow the effects of climate change. I implore them both to endorse and support this smart, effective plan.

Molly Bogart