The People showed their power on Tuesday, Jan. 13, in West Bath. The town needed 560 people to vote and when the numbers were low the call went out saying more voters were needed. West Bath residents started phoning friends and family saying please get to the polls. However many people did not realize that these calls, emails, or texts could be coming from the warmth of Florida and other locations, that new residents were getting in their cars and knocking on doors since they really did not know people to call, that tutors were calling their students suggesting they stop and vote on their way to tutoring sessions, or that people would use the power of the internet to get voters to the polls. These are just a few of the stories that people have heard showing the power of the people. All the voters were needed on Tuesday.

The final count on this latest election was the result of work by many people. The voter turned out to be more important than the person who knocked on doors, the person who text or phoned the hue and cry, and the individual who worked on committees. People residing in West Bath need to be proud of their individual actions on election day.

Hopefully the community spirit will continue to grow here in our town. Greater citizen involvement will build a stronger West Bath.

Mary Brown
West Bath