In re: the Patriots underinflating their footballs:

If the NFL investigation finds that the Patriots intentionally underinflated their footballs in the game against the Colts, then the fans should not support them in the Super Bowl. This kind of act takes away the thrill of the game.

Where is their conscience? What kind of lessons are we teaching our younger generation? The younger generation, as well as all fans, look up to these players. They are supposed to be role models.

It’s hard enough to understand why they earn so much. What happened to good sportsmanship and when players enjoyed playing the game and made little in the way of pay?

If your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter cheated in a competition to win, would you say “Way to go?” If they see that this type of deception is taking place in a professional game, they will feel it is OK to do.

If the Patriots indeed deliberately underinflated their footballs, will the penalty only be a fine? Money is nothing to the Patriots organization. Money is the reason for this issue. The bets that are placed on this game, as well as what they earn, are ridiculous.

I say, “Patriots, if you are guilty, man up, admit it and forfeit the Super Bowl. Give it to the Seahawks. Then you will truly be a role model for all.”


Patti Fortuna-Kahn

South Portland