Not another “feasibility study” in Brunswick (paid for, once again, by taxpayer money) that will benefit a private owner (“Brunswick historic building restoration needs study funding”, Jan. 15)? Really? Come on.

Mike Lyne notes, “If all goes as planned, it could be an example of how the public grant from BDC can jump-start a project that would benefit the town at large.” Give me a break. This example shows how public money benefits a private owner, just like the quarter-million-dollar forgivable loan for Brunswick Taxi to upgrade their fleet.”

Lyne continues to say, “We’re trying to find a middle ground where people see that it’s not just one person reaping the benefits of a grant.” Really? “If all goes as planned,” Wyler’s private property renovations will be paid for by taxpayers (the people). Yet will the rent income for these renovations (the upper three floors, which is 70 percent) go to the taxpayers? I doubt it. When the building is sold, will 70 percent of the sale proceeds go to the taxpayers? I doubt it! It will all go to (just one person) the private owner, Wyler.

In the article, the Wyler team states one of the benefits is “boosting the town’s tax revenue.” Lyne worked with Hilary Rocket on the Maine Street Station project, which was also going to boost our tax revenue, but I haven’t seen that benefit. Let’s focus on the troubles of our landfill before that becomes another crisis, which would benefit the town at large.

Karen Klatt

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