With the exception of a few small paragraphs buried in the middle of a recent edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram (“Hundreds slaughtered by militants in Nigeria,” Page A8, Jan. 11), there has been zero coverage in your newspaper of the deadliest massacre to date by Boko Haram in the country of Nigeria.

It is estimated that 2,000 people – repeat, 2,000 people – were slaughtered in the town of Baga and surrounding villages beginning Jan. 3. It’s been reported that the vast majority of those murdered were women, children and the elderly – those who could not run fast enough to escape. Please explain why this atrocity is not front-page news!

As you publish reports on the world marches in solidarity with our western French brothers and sisters in response to the horrible massacre that occurred there, why have you not published reports about our Nigerian and African sisters and brothers who are being killed daily by Boko Haram – also Islamic extremists?

Please explain yourselves – but more importantly, report to your readership about world events, responsibly and without Western-centric biases.

The international community must work together to end these atrocities, regardless of the continent or country in which they occur, and the first step is being informed.

Josephine Power