Portland towed 84 vehicles Monday night and early Tuesday morning because their owners left them on city streets in violation of a citywide winter parking ban.

Police Lt. Gary Hutcheson said more vehicles could be towed because the parking ban will remain in effect through 6 a.m. Wednesday. Parking bans give public works crews the space and time they need to clear snow from streets and sidewalks.

Hutcheson said the 84 vehicles that were towed to the city’s impound lot at the Ocean Gateway Terminal is a significant number, especially for a storm of such size and severity.

“You can’t miss a storm like this,” he said. “There will be a full detail (of tow trucks) out again tonight.”

According to the city’s website, a vehicle owner whose car is towed must pay an $85 tow fee, a $35 impound fee, and any unpaid parking tickets.

Portland provides residents with parking places during snowstorms, including Deering Oaks, Fitzpatrick Stadium, Hadlock Field, all public school parking lots except the Reiche School, and Cutter Street lots off the Eastern Promenade.