A former Bath Iron Works designer is suing the shipyard, claiming that he was harassed and discriminated against because he is Palestinian and Muslim.

Husam D. Abed filed the lawsuit in November in Massachusetts, but jurisdiction was shifted Thursday to U.S. District Court in Maine.

The lawsuit said that Abed, who lives in Portland and worked at BIW from 2007 until he resigned because of emotional distress last year, was repeatedly singled out by other employees because of his ethnic and religious background.

For instance, the lawsuit said, an Afghan flag that was given to BIW by the Marine Corps is hanging in the building where Abed worked.

The lawsuit alleges the flag is defaced with graffiti such as “devils” and “kill them” and a bomb has been drawn above the mosque that is depicted on the flag.

The flag has also been spat upon, the lawsuit says, and “is a prime example of the anti-Muslim culture ingrained at BIW.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Abed was subjected to hate speech against the prophet Mohammed by fellow BIW employees and harassed about his background and religion.

The lawsuit says Abed largely kept silent about the harassment, fearing a reaction would provoke even harsher treatment. When he finally complained to supervisors, the lawsuit alleges, nothing was done.

A spokesman for BIW said the company doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit doesn’t specify the damages Abed is seeking, but federal lawsuits of this type are generally for cases in which more than $75,000 is sought.