I recently attended a funeral service. A co-worker had lost her 17-year-old son to cancer.

Many of our work team were there. We wanted to support her during this traumatic time of such great loss.

We all prayed together and cried together. We hugged each other and consoled our co-worker and friend.

When I looked around the room, I realized something great: An incredible blend of people were there – Cambodian, Vietnamese, Somali, Polynesian, Dominican, Swahili, Caucasian.

An incredibly warm feeling came over me. We all came together, we were the same and we were one.

In a time where the news media is reporting more and more about racial tension, it was heartwarming to know and to see the bond that was in that room.

It was the good in humanity. We were all there for one another. It is a shame that this is not what the media reports.

There is good all around us, and I saw it that day. Have faith in humanity and who we are.

Russell Naughton