In 2011, the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” was published to much press. By all reports, it is basically about a man’s sexual domination of a woman. I didn’t read it because that is not a topic that interests me.

However, it is a sign of how the sexualization of our society has become increasingly prevalent. People can read what they like, and the words will create images in their minds. Unfortunately, these images begin to colonize our minds and prevent us from reaching for real, honest human connection with another person.

Now this book is being made into a Hollywood movie.

What sense does it make to create yet another film that portrays women as sexual objects to be dominated?

What sense does it make to expose young people to this warped perception of human relationships?

What sense does it make to glorify the sexual domination of women?

What sense does it make to portray the close contact between two people as one of domination and submission?

The only sense I can see is that someone wants to make money.

Real intimacy and connection between two people can be realized only in a situation of mutual respect and love.

Please join me in not going to see this movie.

Beth Edmonds