With federal, state and local political office winners being sworn in after midterm elections, people took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Another round of hypocrisy begins.

Every president, governor or legislative body elected during the last hundred years has blatantly ignored any part of the Constitution that got in the way of their agenda and perception that they knew or know more than the Founding Fathers.

None of the new kids on the block had the courage to present amendments or changes to “offending” sections of the Constitution. If a word, phrase, sentence or section interfered with a grand plan, the presidents, governors, even the courts changed the definition or original intent that the framers had tried to convey.

The Constitution of the United States clearly mandates that the U.S. Congress shall “lay and collect taxes” to pay national debts and “provide for the general welfare of the United States.” No one denies that the language exists. Far too many, especially those in the power seats, chose to ignore the mandate.

It is obvious that our federal tax codes and rates need to be changed and tightened to prevent inequities and fraud. The federal tax codes can be partially fixed immediately. Return to the codes and rates in effect before the Reagan years. Then, define “income” the old-fashioned way: money received from any and all sources.

If people insist on reducing or eliminating income taxes, go through the process of constitutional amendments. When the proper percentage of the registered voters approve the amendment, eliminate taxes. Under the current system, a very small percentage of the population controls tax codes and rates.

Charles S. Copp