I’m 55 years old and have been disabled by chronic headaches.

I had been a lifelong auto detailer. I only get minimum SSI and MaineCare.

All the doctors say these headaches are caused by arthritis.

I’m on five prescriptions – I used to be on eight. I also carry a prescription for marijuana.

Most days I get a headache. They are so bad I need to lie down every couple hours.

Marijuana has been a godsend. Otherwise, I’d be on “harder” prescriptions (and I was). But here’s my dilemma: I can’t afford marijuana!

First I got it from a dispensary. How can anyone afford to buy it there? Then I tried growing it myself. What a lot of work that is! The electric bill doubles, and I get a headache!

Now I have a great “caregiver,” but I can either give the girlfriend my check for bills or buy marijuana.

And when I do get marijuana, we get behind on the bills. Just talking about money gives me a headache, too!

This year’s been very difficult for us. By now, we know which strains of marijuana are best for me and how much I need each month. But why isn’t the state picking up this prescription, too? It’s picking up all my other prescriptions! (My co-pay is like $1.20 each.)

I’m on marijuana to stay off drugs that my doctors have or would have prescribed for me. Marijuana is keeping me off opiates – period.

Why is the state buying methadone, but not my marijuana? Do I have to become a drug addict before I get help?

Why is this happening? I was active in the Greater Portland community for 30-plus years.

I’m a real person with a real need for medical marijuana, but I can’t afford it! Can someone help me here, please?

Scott Grant

New Gloucester