BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL boys swimmer Oliver Smith pushes through the 100-yard butterfly event. Smith and his team captured the KVAC Championship title on Saturday at the Bath Area Family YMCA.

BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL boys swimmer Oliver Smith pushes through the 100-yard butterfly event. Smith and his team captured the KVAC Championship title on Saturday at the Bath Area Family YMCA.


For the third time in as many years, both girls and boys swim teams of Brunswick High School walked away with the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships at the Bath Area Family YMCA on Saturday.

The girls totaled 339 points on the day, while Cony (224) and Messalonskee (164) captured second and third place, respectively. For the boys, the Dragons walked away with 335 points, with Messalonskee taking second with 206 points and Cony third with 191.

KAYLIN HUEY of Mt. Ararat completes the breaststroke portion of the girls 200-yard IM during Saturday’s KVAC Swim Championships at the Bath Area Family YMCA.

KAYLIN HUEY of Mt. Ararat completes the breaststroke portion of the girls 200-yard IM during Saturday’s KVAC Swim Championships at the Bath Area Family YMCA.

Not only did the Dragons take home the title, but they swept the board with the rest of the awards, including girl and boy Swimmer of the Meet and Coach of the Meet. Sophomore Caitlin Tycz captured it for the girls, while Nate Samson received it for the boys. Coach David Bright was awarded the honor for both boys and girls squads.

“It’s exciting,” Dragons swim coach David Bright said after the meet. “We have to recognize that we’re fortunate that we have the program here at the ‘Y’ that those kids train with year-round, but they’re both great leaders on the team, have the respect of everyone on the team, not just because they’re fast swimmers, but they’re good teammates too.”

It all started right out of the gate for the Dragons, when the boys 200- yard medley relay team (Samson, Brian Hess, Jacob Cost and Ben Farrell) set a new state record of 1:38.18, breaking its own record set back during Brunswick’s first meet at Morse in early December.

“We had set the record earlier in the year, so it was our own record,” Bright said. “We were excited because back (in December) it was a big deal, especially in our first meet of the year to set a state record that had been standing for 10 or 15 years. We actually moved people around, put people in different strokes and had one different swimmer there, we swapped another swimmer out, so that just shows we have some depth.”

Lewiston placed second in the event, finishing with a time of 1:55.19, while Messalonskee crept up in third with a 1:56.79 finish.

Other notable finishes occurred during the girls 50- yard freestyle event when Tycz set a new KVAC record of 23.95 seconds, beating the previous one by .07 seconds set by former Mt. Ararat standout Celia Ouellette two years ago.

Tycz also collected another conference record, beating her own set last year by 1.02 seconds at 54.72. Samson set a new conference record in the boys 50-yard freestyle event, finishing in a speedy 21.51 seconds and breaking former Lincoln Academy swimmer Sylas Hatch’s record of 22.13 set back in


“It feels great, I just love swimming and my team is being really supportive,” Tycz said of her two new records. “We practice every day for high school for over an hour and I also swim for the club team here in Bath, so I swim two and a half to three hours a day, plus dryland training with my coach.”

Overall Tycz took home four first-place finishes, including her participation in the girls 200- and 400-yard freestyle relays.

Other big-impact events included the boys 200-yard freestyle, where Lewiston standout Mathew Charest was edged out by Cony’s Noah Aube by .15 seconds to decide the first-place finisher. However, Charest placed first in the boys 100- yard freestyle event, finishing five seconds ahead of the others.

Overall, the Brunswick girls team combined for 10 first-place finishes, with the boys taking home eight.

With Brunswick sweeping the floor once again, Mt. Ararat’s girls coach Tracy Doviak said that competing against a team like the Dragons is always tough, but makes sure that her swimmers focus on themselves first.

“Just preparing the kids for the competition,” she said. “A lot of my kids, all they do is swim high school swimming so they have an hour in the pool throughout the whole season. It’s just letting them know that what they’re up against is themselves and to try and better themselves.

“That’s what we focus on, having them look at their times prior or their best times and have them try and make a personal best, especially at a big meet like this, it’s really important to them.”

The State Championships will be the next focus. Class A boys will participate on Feb. 16, and the gi rls hit the pool Feb. 17 at Bowdoin College’s Leroy Greason Pool.

KVAC Swimming Championships

Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class A Championships
At Bath Area Family YMCA
GIRLS — Brunswick 339, Cony 224, Messalonskee 164, Edward Little 134, Mt.
Ararat 129, Lewiston 109, Leavitt 74, Lawrence 26.
200-yard medley relay — 1. Cony, 2. Brunswick (Quinn Alexander, Anna Rider, Hannah Escoe, Sophie Blair), 3. Edward Little, 4. Mt. Ararat (Molly Huey, Kristin Sullivan,
Abbey Morgan, Cassie Hardee), 5. Leavitt, 6. Lewiston, T — 2:03.97.
200 freestyle — 1. Lynsie Russel (Brun), 2. Kenzie Burton (Mess), 3. Haley Gagne
(Cony), 4. Maggie Chirayath (EL), 5. Jami Morissette (Lew), 6. Laura Secone (MtA),
7. Elina Woolever (Brun), 8. Liz Larsen (Mess), 9. Abbie Anderson (MtA), 10. Abbey
Morgan (MtA), 11. Kelsey St. Cyr (Lew), 12. Lauren Grocholl (Brun), T — 1:58.62.
200 IM — 1. Hannah Escoe (Brun), 2. Sierra Weston (Law), 3. Tara Jorgensen
(Cony), 4. Abreal Whitman (Cony), 5. Sophie Blair (Brun), 6. Emily Roy (Mess), 7.
Anna Rider (Brun), 8. Elizabeth Small (Lew), 9. Kaitlyn Reny (Lew), 10. Katie Mercier
(Mess), 11. Kristin Sullivan (MtA), 12. Madelin Svetin (MtA), T — 2:28.19.
50 freestyle — 1. Caitlin Tycz (Brun), 2. Sophia Libby (Mess), 3. Molly Silsby (Cony),
4. Molly Huey (MtA), 5. Sarah Legere (EL), 6. Annie Brannigan (Cony), 7. Amanda
Poulin (Leav), 8. Abby Silsby (Cony), 9. Corryn Lachance (EL), 10. Julia Rider (Brun),
11. Molly Grenier (Lew), 12. Delaney Keithley (Cony), T — 23.95. Note — Caitlin
Tycz sets new KVAC record.
1-meter diving — 1. Olivia Dumont (Brun), Points — 284.70.
100 butterfly — 1. Caitlin Tycz (Brun), 2. Olivia Paione (EL), 3. Anne Guadalupi
(Cony), 4. Maggie Chirayath (EL), 5. Anna Rider (Brun), 6. Abby Lenko (Cony), 7.
Sophia Libby (Mess), 8. Mackenzie DuFrenze (MtA), 9. Bernadette Racine (Lew), 10.
Katelyn Lovejoy (Mess), 11. Madison Rush (Lew), T — 54.72. Note — Caitlin Tycz
sets new KVAC record.
100 freestyle — 1. Emma Blair (Brun), 2. Sierra Weston (Law), 3. Kristen Morissette
(Leav), 4. Tara Jorgensen (Cony), 5. Amber Sutherland (Mess), 6. Quinn Alexander
(Brun), 7. Ana Knight (MtA), 8. Jami Morissette (Lew), 9. Annie Brannigan (Cony),
10. Sarah Legere (EL), 11. Amelia Hawley (Brun), 12. Lauren Grocholl (Brun), T —
500 freestyle — 1. Lynsie Russell (Brun), 2. Hannah Escoe (Brun), 3. Kenzie Burton
(Mess), 4. Haley Gagne (Cony), 5. Abreal Whitman (Cony), 6. Elina Woolever (Brun),
7. Laura Secone (MtA), 8. Samantha Moon (Lew), 9. Katie Cowan (EL), 10. Kelsey St.
Cyr (Lew), 11. Danika Tondreau (Mess), 12. Makayla Pete (Lew), T — 5:22.46.
200 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick (Emma Blair, Lynsie Russell, Sophie Blair, Caitlin
Tycz), 2. Cony, 3. Messalonskee, 4. Lewiston, 5. Leavitt, 6. Edward Little, 7. Mt.
Ararat (Kaylin Hue, Cassie Hardee, Sabrina Fuhramann, Emma Hutchinson), T —
100 backstroke — 1. Emma Blair (Brun), 2. Kristen Morissette (Leav), 3. Amber
Sutherland (Mess), 4. Emily Roy (Mess), 5. Sophie Blair (Brun), 6. Abby Lenko
(Cony), 7. Kristin Sullivan (MtA), 8. Tessa Alexander (Brun), 9. Ellie Peabody (Brun),
10. Elzabeth Small (Lew), 11. Kaylin Huey (MtA), 12. Emma Paradie (EL), T —
100 breaststroke — 1. Kristy Prelgovisk (Mess), 2. Olivia Paione (EL), 3. Molly Silsby (Cony), 4. Laurel Margerum (Brun), 5. Molly Huey (MtA), 6. Anna Ferdinand
(Brun), 7. Amelia Hawley (Brun), 8. Molly Grenier (Lew), 9. Abbey Morgan (MtA), 10.
Rosalita Capoldo (Brun), 11. Amanda Poulin (Leav), 12. Mackenzie DuFrenze (MtA),
T — 1:06.75.
400 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick (Lynsie Russel, Emma Blair, Hannah Escoe,
Caitlin Tycz), 2. Cony, 3. Messalonskee, 4. Edward Little 5. Mt. Ararat (Ana Knight,
Laura Secone, Keri Lachapella, Molly Huey), 6. Lewiston, T — 3:51.29.

BOYS — Brunswick 335, Messalonskee 206, Cony 191, Lewiston 179, Mt. Ararat
105, Edward Little 43, Lawrence 25.
200-yard medley relay — 1. Brunswick (Nate Samson, Jacob Cost, Brian Hess, Ben
Farrell), 2. Lewiston, 3. Messalonskee, 4. Cony, 5. Mt. Ararat (Riley Saunders, Josh
Furgeson, Devin Hoskins, Garrett Gelwick), T — 1:38.18. Note — Brunswick sets
new state record.
200 freestyle — 1. Noah Aube (Cony), 2. Mathew Charest (Lew), 3. Henry Raker
(Brun), 4. Daeghan Elkin (Mess), 5. Andrew Samson (Brun), 6. Sam Washington,
(Brun), 7. Kyle Perkins (Mess), 8. Everett McNally (Lew), 9. Jacob Burnette (MtA),
10. Nathan Ruel (Mess), 11. Jeremy Vuong (Brun), 12. Bryce Cloutier (Lew), T —
200 IM — 1. Benjamin Thibert (Mess), 2. Brian Hes (Brun), 3. Alex Bevier (Law), 4.
Edward Capoldo (Brun), 5. Devin Hoskins (MtA), 6. Bradley Beeckel (Cony), 7. Nate
Perkins (Mess), 8. Vann Guarnieri (Mess), T — 2:07.59.
50 freestyle — 1. Nate Samson (Brun), 2. Ben Farrel (Brun), 3. Josh Furgeson
(MtA), 4. Caleb Lebrun (Lew), 5. Dakota Douglas (Cony), 6. Logan Testerman (Cony),
7. Rene Yost (Brun), 8. Dylan Tudeen (Cony), 9. Dale Lapierre (Cony), 10. Alex
Nadeau (Mess), 11. Oliver Smith (Brun), 12. Jacob Morin (Lew), T — 21.51. Note —
Nate Samson sets new KVAC record.
1-meter diving — No official finishers.
100 butterfly — 1. Jacob Cost (Brun), 2. Ben Farrel (Brun), 3. Benjamin Thibert
(Mess), 4. Josh Furgeson (MtA), 5. Alexander Miles (Lew), 6. Griffin Burns (Mess), 7.
Everett McNally (Lew), 8. Oliver Smith (Brun), T — 54.93.
100 freestyle — 1. Mathew Charest (Lew), 2. Michal Cwik (EL), 3. Daeghan Elkin
(Mess), 4. Caleb Lebrun (Lew), 5. Rene Yost (Brun), 6. Logan Testerman (Cony), 7.
Dakota Douglas (Cony), 8. Sam Washington (Brun), 9. Matthew Forgues (Lew), 10.
Alex Nadeau (Mess), 11. Tayler Croft (Mess), 12. Keenan Andrews (Brun), T —
500 freestyle — 1. Noah Aube (Cony), 2. Andrew Samson (Brun), 3. Edward Capoldo (Brun), 4. Kyle Perkins (Mess), 5. Jacob Burnette (MtA), 6. Bryce Cloutier (Lew),
7. Owen Corrigan (Mess), 8. Nathan Ruel (Mess), T — 5:14.01.
200 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick (Brian Hess, Rene Yost, Sam Washington, Ben
Farrell), 2. Lewiston, 3. Cony, 4. Messalonskee, 5. Mt. Ararat (Will Furgeson, Matt
Schott, Leo Eichfeld, Jacob Burnette), 6. Edward Little, T — 1:39.75.
100 backstroke — 1. Nate Samson (Brun), 2. Jacob Cost (Brun), 3. Henry Raker
(Brun), 4. Bradley Beeckel (Cony), 5. Matthew Forgues (Lew), 6. Griffin Burns
(Mess), 7. Riley Saunders (MtA), 8. Alexander Miles (Lew), 9. Vann Guarnieri (Mess),
10. Nate Perkins (Mess), 11. Noah Cica (Cony), 12. Francisco Gonzalez (Lew), T —
100 breaststroke — 1. Brian Hess (Brun), 2. Alex Bevier (Law), 3. Michal Cwik (EL),
4. Devin Hoskins (MtA), 5. Dale Lapierre (Cony), 6. Keenan Andrews (Brun), 7. Dylan
Tudeen (Cony), 8. Tayler Croft (Mess), 9. Ryan Dumont (Cony), 10. Adam Thacker
(Brun), 11. Matt Raag-Schmidt (Cony), 12. Ian Hussey (Lew), T — 1:01.98.
400 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick (Jacob Cost, Henry Raker, Edward Capoldo, Nate
Samson), 2. Messalonskee, 3. Cony, 4. Lewiston, T — 3:38.43.
Up next for Brunswick — Class A State Championships on Monday at Leroy Greason
Pool at Bowdoin College.

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