The lead headline on Page 1 on Sunday, Jan. 25 – “LePage plan puts more money in your pocket” – should have read: “LePage plan increases gap between rich and poor.” An informative table on the back page shows that a low-income single person would save $225 in taxes, while an upper-income family would save $3,290.

While Gov. LePage is busy lowering income taxes, his policies would increase the cost of living for the poor and middle classes.

Eliminating revenue-sharing with municipalities would mean property taxes will have to rise and/or education will suffer. Taxing large nonprofits could cut into essential services such as mental health.

The higher sales tax with possible tax credit for the poor (how would they get it?) isn’t good for anyone, particularly the middle class. Eliminating the estate tax, lowering the taxes on restaurant meals – yet more benefits for the rich.

Add these proposals to the cuts already made in Medicaid, and one really has to wonder if our governor cares at all about families struggling to get by in Maine. Small blessing these tax savings!

Victoria Adams

West Kennebunk