Re the letter Feb. 5 from Marlise Swartz of Yarmouth (“Shelter dogs may better represent state than Labs do”), suggesting that shelter dogs should be the state’s official dog: What a great thought.

There is a dog park in Ogunquit, and every morning – rain, shine, heat or another snowstorm – there are many people who gather there and have just the best morning with their dogs. It is the perfect spot for both human and dog socializing.

Lots of the world’s most gnarly problems are sometimes solved (or sometimes only acknowledged) at the dog park. That would not happen without our canine pals’ attendance and input. Does your town have a dog park? If not, get one – call your local animal shelter.

Over 90 percent of our dogs at the dog park are adopted. They make a huge and very pleasant change in your life. You can actually have a very intelligent conversation with them once you learn their language.

Be sure that one you select, either from your local shelter or an online site like, is the right “partner.” If you are older, don’t get a puppy, for instance (my advice). If you live in a small home, maybe a small dog would be best for both of you!

You will get more exercise if you have a dog. They’ve got to walk. Also, your home will be far more clean, since you’ve got to vacuum more often.

About making Ms. Swartz’s thought into a reality: I suggest you call your state representative and, while you’re at it, get in touch with your state senator, too. Tell ’em this is a great idea!

To contact state representatives, call 1 (800) 423-2900; to reach state senators, please call 1 (800) 423-6900. Call till you get them on the line. Do it!

Martin Crosby

and those of us who gather at the Ogunquit Dog Park every morning