Maine citizens soon will have an opportunity to rein in big money in our elections.

This past year, over 1,000 volunteers gathered more than 85,185 signatures in every county in the state to enable the Clean Elections Initiative to be placed on the ballot this November.

On Jan. 21, over 200 people gathered in the State House in Augusta to deliver the petitions. The initiative will strengthen Maine’s first-in-the-nation Clean Election program, increasing transparency and making sure that politicians are accountable to the voters in their district.

As the poll captain in Kittery last November, I witnessed residents eager to sign the petition. Many thanked us for being there and expressed how frustrated they were with big money in politics. It seems that everyone, regardless of her or his party affiliation, shares an interest in having a government that represents all of us. The Clean Elections Initiative is truly an effort of, by and for Mainers.

To help raise public awareness of this issue before this fall’s election, please contact info@

Nancy Hoop


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