Kudos to Meredith Springer for so eloquently speaking the truth regarding President Obama’s remarks during the National Prayer Breakfast (“Letter to the editor: Obama right on religious extremists,” Feb. 11). It seems that disrespecting the Oval Office has become the norm for this country, and I am more than ashamed that this is the case.

Springer accurately expressed the absolute truth regarding the deaths attributed to the Christian faith 500 or so years ago.

How are the extremists of Islam and the atrocities they have committed (which I do not support in any fashion) any different from the horrors inflicted by the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian faith?

In a word, they are not. The millions of innocent men, women, children and Jews murdered in the name of Christianity are strikingly similar to the murders committed by Muslim extremists.

The more important point here, however, is that it has become commonplace to disrespect our president now. I firmly support Mr. Obama, even though I might disagree with some of what he has done.

I actually had someone from the Deep South (the accent gave it away) call me to ask me to sign some document stating that our president is not worthy of his office simply because he is a black American. Since when is this acceptable? I am all for free speech, but it seems we have taken that credo a step too far now.

And as for the right-wing pundits who state that Mr. Obama is anti-American because of what he said at the prayer breakfast, please tell me how so. What was it he said that was incorrect?

Bottom line – not one thing. It seems the Christian community cannot stand the mirror of truth when they are forced to face it.

Jody A. North