Re: “Our View: Offshore drilling is not the right move for Maine” (Feb. 21):

I was not surprised that the Portland Press Herald has come out against Gov. LePage joining other governors trying to encourage offshore drilling in the waters of the U.S.

As you mentioned, our governor is in favor of increasing the natural gas supply in Maine. What better way to do that than produce it here at home? The Press Herald is against more pipelines, against just about any energy source other than wood, wind, solar and maybe tidal. I am for all of it.

The Press Herald talks about the governor’s desire to increase gas availability and then talks about the risks of oil drilling. Drilling for gas and oil, although similar, produces very different products with very different risks.

It has been well known for over 60 years that the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is around the oil and gas platforms. This is especially the case for shrimp. Our shrimp industry could use the help.

The jobs that would be created by gas drilling and production are significant. There is a whole world of support industries needed, and these are good-paying jobs, not call center- or minimum-wage jobs.

So the Press Herald is in favor of stripping the ridge line of trees to put up windmills and planting windmills offshore but cannot bring itself to see the need for a local source of natural gas. So why not do it all? We need all of it. At least gas production will be quiet, as opposed to the windmills.