Just a comment or two about M.D. Harmon’s slanted Feb. 20 column, “Unlike judge at Obama’s speech, we can’t sleep through what’s coming in Mideast.”

As Harmon flaunts his allegiance to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the most dangerous threat to peace is not a nuclear-armed Iran but the man who Harmon thinks is Israel’s leader, intent on leading America into another no-win war and furthering the destruction of the Middle East (minus, of course, Israel)!

As Harmon delights in anticipating “Bibi’s” speech, let’s all remember that Netanyahu has skirted protocol and again insulted the president of these United States. It would appear that Harmon, a retired American military officer, has decided that his allegiance is to Israel rather than the Constitution of the United States!

Frank D. Slason