Wow! Parents want the right to opt their children out of school testing? That makes as much sense as selfishly opting out of measles immunization.

Don’t we want to hold our government and educators accountable for educational quality?

Don’t we want to hold our children accountable for obtaining some level of proficient education so they may become a productive member of society, having value and pride in themselves?

Wouldn’t you rather understand that your child needs additional educational assistance earlier than later?

I’m sorry, your “opt-out” is a “cop-out” as far as being a participant in your educational system, your community and our society is concerned. Instead, consider requiring your school district to educate parents as to how a student’s progress is evaluated and aligned with the curriculum.

Investigate what steps are being taken to ensure that your curriculum prepares graduates to remain competitive nationally (or, preferably, globally). But don’t stymie the process for those that are striving to improve educational advantage.

Being in a democracy and making it function well requires exhausting efforts, especially when your goal is to leave it enhanced for your children. There are better options for you and me than quitting. It’s a terrible lesson for children, and an admission that our educational system cannot be measurably accountable. Nonsense.

Presently and sadly, our educational system’s measure comes after graduation, where the result demonstrates failure for too many graduates. Testing brings measuring, change and competitive improvements and lessens the chance of failure for future graduates.

Participate in creating success, not in quitting and failure.

Stephen Gorden

North Yarmouth