ATHENS — A 62-year-old Cornville man was killed when the propane truck he was driving hit a frost heave and overturned Friday on Brighton Road, police said.

Gary Russell was pronounced dead at the scene, said Cpl. Eugene Cole of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department.

Russell is the owner of GR & Son Propane & Service in Cornville and was making a delivery at around 4:40 p.m. Friday when he hit the frost heave at the top of a hill and lost control, Cole said.

The accident happened around 190 Brighton Road and there were no other vehicles involved, he said.

A woman who lived nearby and saw the crash reported it to police.

The accident is still under investigation by police and is also being investigated by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Cole said.

It did not appear that any propane was spilled in the crash, he said.