BRUNSWICK — The Coastal Humane Society, an animal shelter based in Brunswick, says a cat that suffered severe injuries from what appears to be burns from a car engine is making a remarkable recovery.

Jane Siviski, the organization’s spokeswoman, said Frederick, a young orange tabby, was found at the Rush Trailer Park in Brunswick by the town’s animal control officer. The cat had wounds covering 40 percent of its lower back.

Dr. Mandie Wehr, Coastal Humane Society’s veterinarian and director of shelter operations, treated the cat and suspects the wound came from a hot car engine or fan belt.

In cold weather, cats and other small animals occasionally seek warmth from engines of cars that have been recently parked. If the car starts up again, the animal might not get a chance to escape, resulting in severe burns, lacerations, tissue damage and sometimes death.

“Banging on the hood of your car a few minutes before turning it on gives cats and other small animals the opportunity to wake up and safely escape before the car is turned on,” Wehr said in a statement.

The shelter administered antibiotics and pain medication to the cat, and also performed surgery, to clean up the infection. Wehr said she is cautiously optimistic that Frederick will make a full recovery. The cost of his treatments has exceeded $1,000.

“He’s a fighter and a sweetheart of a cat. He has won us all over. He is going to make some family very happy,” Wehr said.

Anyone with information about the cat’s owner is urged to contact the shelter at 725-5051. Videos and more information about Frederick are available on the Coastal Humane Society’s Facebook page.