After reading the front-page article in the Feb. 24 Press Herald (“Freedom of speech, backlash of anger over four words at South Portland High School”), I was not surprised about the “backlash of anger” that was stirred.

My question to Lily SanGiovanni and her two supporters is: Do you even know what freedom of speech is and why we have it?

Many people went to war to fight for the liberties and freedom of speech that you, the people in our country and many overseas now have. Many soldiers came back with missing limbs or in body bags.

Perhaps you should take the time to talk with some World War II veterans or soldiers who went to Afghanistan after 9/11. Do you even know what 9/11 was all about?

My point here is this: There could be some other flag flying in this great country of ours. If so, it is highly unlikely we would be reading this article about these three students in a morning paper. They might not have the freedom of speech to express their disrespect for our flag and country. The freedoms they now enjoy, and are able to keep, should make them think about and be grateful for what those individuals gave up for us all.

To show your appreciation, you should want to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance each day and not say “if you’d like to.”

By the way, let’s keep “God” in it, too!

Ronald D. Lizotte