With all the news about new job growth, I saw up-close the disrespect that some retail workers must endure.

As I waited to return an item at Kohl’s, I observed a middle-aged woman employee waiting in line, too, with her pocketbook spread open. She had to have it inspected before she could leave for the night.

I assume this is standard practice at Kohl’s, and it made me wonder how many other big-box stores employ this practice. It puts employees through a humiliating process that assumes that you will steal unless your bags are checked.

It is bad enough that wages are not a living wage and that benefits are nonexistent, but worse to find out that a little dignity is not allowed, either.

I will not shop there again and would like to know who else carries out this practice so I can boycott these stores also. Perhaps this paper could investigate this. I think shoppers would like to know – at least I hope so.

Valerie Razsa