A man who is reported to have exposed himself to a woman walking in Vaughan Woods on Feb. 22 fits the description a man who exposed himself to two girls in the same nature preserve in 2013.

Hallowell police are asking the public to help identify a man who exposed himself to a woman recently as she walked through Vaughan Woods.

Police Chief Eric Nason said Friday that the woman, who is in her mid-20s and whose name police aren’t releasing, said a man exposed his genitals to her that morning.

She worked with police on a sketch of the man, which was completed this week. The sketch shows a bearded man wearing a winter hat.

The man asked the woman to stop as she walked by, but she kept going, according to Nason.

The police department suspects the man is familiar with the area and might live in Hallowell or surrounding communities.

In 2013, two teenage girls reported a similarly described man who exposed himself to them in Vaughan Woods.

Vaughan Woods is a 197-acre nature preserve on Litchfield Road.

Nason said flashers are not uncommon and cited a spate of indecent exposures on the Kennebec River Rail Trail several years ago.

“It would certainly be nice to get some leads and some feedback from the communities because he may live in Hallowell, he may not,” Nason said. “So it’s important that the surrounding communities take a look at the image and call us if they think they know someone that really fits that description.”

Nason asked that anyone who recognizes the man to call the department at 622-9710.