With regard to recent op-eds on the issue of converting State and High streets to a two-way situation, and as someone who lives in the midst of this issue, let me say, as I have at initial meetings on the subject and in a recent letter to the editor: The problem is not with the traffic but with the drivers!

Therefore, let’s save taxpayers’ money and the city’s time by leaving these streets as one-way and instead address the real problem: drivers who ignore the current rules of the road.

Living at the base of State and York – as well as walking State and High streets – allows me to witness traffic patterns on a daily basis. Except for peak hours, there does not seem to be a problem, except for the errant drivers. This also applies to the cross streets, where foot traffic is at a minimum any time and any day of the week.

Drivers using State and High streets should have closer surveillance and show more courtesy when using these neighborhood streets, so we won’t have to engage expensive and time-consuming projects.

Frank E. Reilly