I am fully aware of all the coverage and printed inches devoted to the political “reporting” of the polls and opinions and irrelevant information regarding the upcoming elections of 2016, roughly two years away!

Personally, I find no value in such stories, and I must wonder why you do. Such space seems a silly waste. Today’s polls about potential, likely and undeclared candidates have no bearing on the issues of today and contain no useful, practical information about tomorrow.

I wonder if you might, instead, devote some (all) of that space to informing your readers of how our representatives, both state and national, vote on legislation that comes before them – and that actually does have bearing on our lives – today and in the future.

Would you please report on what my/our members of Congress are up to? And, if possible, their explanations for their decisions? I may have missed such information, but in looking for it periodically, it is glaring by its omission.

I hope you’ll consider it. I believe it would be a valuable public service.

Scott Milliken

East Blue Hill