State Sen. Michael Willette, R-Presque Isle, recently forwarded a crass Facebook post linking President Obama to the terrorist organization ISIS.

This action by an elected official demeans the people he represents and the United States of America. For an American citizen and state officeholder to circulate such crude remarks about the president of his country speaks poorly of him and his values.

Whether Sen. Willette likes it or not, Barack Obama was elected by a majority of the voters in this country. He is the president of the U.S. Sen. Willette’s childish behavior signifies that he is a sore loser.

This country is made up of millions of people of different colors, faiths (or no faith) and political persuasions. We will never completely agree with each other. But we have to behave respectfully toward one another and follow the rule of law.

By his actions, Sen. Willette mocks the great men and women who founded and shed blood for this country. Their lofty ideals were in pursuit of a just and democratic society for all.

What are Sen. Willette’s aspirations for this country we share? Are they to represent and improve the lives of the people who voted him into office, or to expend his efforts on racist rhetoric?

It has not gone without notice that he has apologized for posting that racist rant, but he has not yet apologized to the president of the United States for his inexcusable behavior. I know, as I’m sure millions do, who is the better man here.

It is people like Sen. Willette who are a threat to this great experiment we call America. America has many enemies from within and without its borders. We do not need elected officials who demonstrate such churlish and petty behavior.

Nancy A. Ciocca

South Portland