I read with interest the letter by Valerie Lovelace regarding assisted death (“Assisted-death legislation would offer a different choice,” March 8). I am more interested in assisted life!

I was admitted to Maine Medical Center on Nov. 5, 2014, with heart failure, and the skill and expertise of Dr. Alfred Nicolosi saved my life! I received a new valve and a bypass. The doctor and his associates brought me back three times during the procedure.

I was put in the CT-ICU into what they call “the Angels’ Room,” due to miraculous recoveries that have happened in that room. I can tell you that the angels are really the nurses.

I am alive today due to their talents and compassionate care!

When I asked what I could do to thank them, they said that the satisfaction of having helped me was all they needed.

I hope that Mainers realize that right here in Portland there are gifted, caring professionals who, given the hours and conditions of their work, stand by to help us.

Assisted dying may be a complicated decision that needs legislative action, but if you have the option to live, Maine Medical Center, with the remarkable folks who work there, is second to none. Thank you all!

Jeffrey Steere