Last year was the warmest year ever recorded. However, just in the first two months of 2015, we’ve broken a lot of cold weather and snowfall records. That’s not a coincidence.

When air temperatures rise, the atmosphere holds more moisture. That means climate change is a driving force behind increased precipitation events like rain deluges and massive snowfalls. The time for federal action on climate change is now.

President Obama’s budget proposal includes billions of dollars to help states do more to take on climate change, and to encourage investments in clean energy technologies. The president and the Environmental Protection Agency are looking to work with states to fight climate change and increase resiliency with the Clean Power Plan.

By helping states design and implement plans that best fit their needs, America is making strides to protect public health and our economy – and is leading the international community in the process.

Thanks to our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Maine and other Northeastern states are already largely in compliance with the Clean Power Plan.

The Obama administration understands the threat climate change poses to our environment and to public health, and is making smart moves to protect us even in the face of opposition from big polluters and their congressional allies. We urge Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to support the Clean Power Plan in Congress as well as President Obama’s budget, which includes important funding to tackle climate change.

Rebecca Boulos, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Cape Elizabeth

Sarah Short, M.B.A.