The price of heating oil in Maine has dropped 11 cents from last week, according to a price survey by the Governor’s Energy Office.

The survey showed that the statewide average cash price for No. 2 heating oil was $2.70 per gallon, the Governor’s Energy Office said in a statement released Tuesday.

Average kerosene prices also fell, dropping nine cents this week to $3.27 a gallon. Propane prices have been much less volatile this heating season. This week’s average price is $2.69 for those who heat with propane, a drop of one cent.

After a price climb in February, heating oil and kerosene prices appear to be going down again. Average heating oil prices have decreased by more than 15 cents a gallon the past two weeks – a reflection of lower crude prices.

The Governor’s Energy Office is predicting significantly lower heating oil prices for at least several more months. The state advises consumers that the average price for heating oil can vary widely by region. The statewide average for propane is based on use of at least 900 gallons a year.

Households that use propane just for cooking or hot water generally pay a higher per gallon price.